Website copywriting Scripts
Copywriting Script for Website's different pages for all niches (all kind of businesses). h1, h2, h3, paragraph other data. All essential pages like: Home, Services, Contact, About, and other pages.

Syed Mohsin Raza shared this idea 20/04/20 07:16
Simon Varughese 13/07/20 19:11
Troy Scheer 29/07/20 21:49
Michael 30/07/20 21:39
Varun Luthra 12/10/20 11:00
Yes, there should be Copywrite scripts for website creation for each different tabs!! Including Services, offers, plans, products, team, etc similar like once we choose a template for the creation of a new website, a similar way we should have the content available for each tab and page!!
Osvaldo Ignacio Espinoza Millán 06/11/20 07:24
Sí, buena idea de script. Muchos nos dedicamos a la creación de videos y diseño web. A mí me serviría mucho para acelerar el proceso.
Shannon Kuykendall 10/11/20 18:25
Website scripts would be great too.
Varun Luthra 11/11/20 08:02
Do we have any update on this now so far??
Macc larren 12/03/21 09:18
Michael Sykes 22/09/21 07:36
I agree, a template to create effective 'web page copy', that keeps Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, with 'keyword' features - would be a great Template that many customers could gain the benefit from.