French language
It would be great to have Automatic script in French!

Francis St-Pierre shared this idea 23/04/20 18:49
Katia Valdevit 29/06/20 16:34
Yes, i need this in french language to
[email protected] 21/07/20 18:32
Yeah the french speaking community are very large and the vast majority of them don't know a thing in copywriting and are very poor in english. Making your software in french you will hit the european and the african market. Their is a growing number of entrepreneur in africa, specialy in west africa , where french is dominant. By translating you offer you will be the first to enter that market, you will be In front of funnelScript, in the new booming market. So the decision is yours
Roger Tribolet 11/01/21 22:08
ET aussi les tutoriel, Merci