Templates for Radio, TV, Youtube Adverts
Hi, I thought your software would have at least covered a template for - quick | short worded COPY. For example: This would be perfect for - TV Adverts, Radio Adverts or YouTube Adverts, where a business needs to grab the attention of the listener/ viewer / potential customer, in a short 30 second, 15 second or 1 minute period of time. My business does - Phone Messaging On Hold marketing, and a template for - 30 second, 15 second, 1 or 2 minute period of time (quick grabs of info relating to new products or services ... etc. ) ... I thought it would be standard for an automated copy creator software to have this feature. This would work perfectly for 'messages on phone hold' - where 'CALLERS' placed on hold - listen to marketing messages about products and services that business supplies. The Phone message templates you supply are only for when you - COLD CALL a client, and are NOT for creating engaging marketing messages for phones. The heading should be changed to - COLD CALLING FOR PHONES. A template category - for 'quick | short word COPY' (i.e: TV Adverts, Radio Adverts or YouTube Adverts Templates) - I believe would be a great feature to include into your script software. When looking through all your templates, I can not find anything that I can use... that does this type of COPY. I hope this suggestion make sense and gets added into your software very soon. Cheers, Michael

Michael Sykes shared this idea 22/09/21 07:30